Monday, 17 December 2007

Hady 1st Asian Idol

I must say at close to midnight last night, there were lots of cheers near my block. That would include me, jumping up and down and screaming. I religiously watched the performance show as well as the results show, switching from Channel 5 and RCTI.

All the screaming came when Hady Mirza was announced as the First Asian Idol. He was chosen from the most number of SMS votes that was sent by the viewers from 6 different countries competing. Some might wonder. Well, it is good that Singapore sent an Idol to compete. Jacklyn Victor from Malaysia was a clear the best singer of the 6. Mau Marcelo from Philippines showed her diva performance and Mike Mohede from Indonesia was captivating the home crowd with a Ruben's teddy bear persona. Vietnam's Idol Phuong Vy was the sweetest of the lot. Abhijeet Sawant is definitely the up and coming Bollywood actor who can sings!

The way that the voting works, obviously, that Hady is the best 2nd choice for many of the other countries. Although Singapore probably has the least number of votes compared to the other countries like India, Indonesia and Philippines, it is obvious that most of them had chosen Hady to be the 2nd best to their own country's Idol. Which has worked mathematically in favour of Hady.

Like what Ken Tan said, the winner of the Asian Idol might not be the best singer but the one who has the most appeal.

Spot on!

After the results, RCTI showed Hady and Abhijeet's duet on a Hindi song. Hady sound good and versatile to sing in another language. Catch it on YouTube.

Well done Hady! You did well, you deserve this and you have did us proud. And for Singapore, with all the campaign to vote for Hady which started 2-3 months back, it has paid off. You can count on Singapore to put their money to see Singapore's name at regional and global level.

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