Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Why Facebook?

Apart from the annoying notification from my Facebook

friends of request to be a Vampire, being Poked and Hug request, I have to say that Facebook has resurrected very very old friends. People from my primary school found me on Facebook.

Honestly, if I was walking down Orchard Road and saw my primary schoolmates, I would be second guessing and would even hesitate to call.

Reason being, people looks change after 15 years. Bigger, older, fatter, skinnier. But on Facebook when I list the schools I attended, this person without thinking twice to send me a message to confirm it was me. High chance I am the person they enquire from the school listings.

Previously, in school, we never even talk! We were in the same class. That's
about it!

I love this bit of Facebook. I am definitely curious of what happened to my
schoolmates. And I am sure they are of me too.

It is fantastic! :-)

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Monday, 14 January 2008

Quiz Me

I must admit that Facebook is becoming an addiction for me. Every chance I get on the net, I will want to check if anyone has added new apps or if anyone has given me Hatching Eggs, Growing Gifts or Ice Creams.

I also kind of notice that there are a growing number of quiz to determine who you are, like

Who you are in your past life?
Are you going to be a Millionaire?
What kind of a lover are you?

Can these self-discovery quizzes be a determining factor to the person who takes them? Example, if I were to take the quiz," Are you going to be a Millionaire?" and found out that I am not going to be one, that would in some way discourage me on my venture to be one. Because, some 10 questions quiz from so called expert psychology said so!

How does these results impact ones outlook on his or her life?

Whether online of offline, these desire to know the destination affects our lives.

As the saying "It is not about the destination. It is about the Journey."

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Monday, 7 January 2008

Big Resolution Small Goals

First and second week of January is going to be the 'Happy New Year!' and 'What is your resolution for the year' topic kind of conversation. It is the easiest ice-breaker and a natural reason to call up a friend.

It really makes no difference to me. Another year is a another day. But of course like any other residence of an urban society, I do get the wrapped up in the resolution excitement. Just so that I don't miss out. Duh.

Does resolution really work? Too much of it, leave you exhausted and too little of it leaves you under achieving yourself.

My strategy is to set 1 goal at a time and when I achieved that goal, I set another. It is not a big goal like "I am going to make a million dollars this year" or "I am going to get myself to size 6". Not that I am saying it is unachievable. It can be done. Only after the little goals. It is a continuous goal setting. Climbing a mountain begins with a step (cliche)

Working the good habits is my small goal for now.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Day!

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