Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Dream Of Big

Since I start working from the age of 19, I have worked in 1 big organisation; that have more then 50 employees, 1 medium company; about 15 employees; and 5 small companies with 4 and less staffs.

From my experience, it is easier and more dynamic to be in a small company. You get to dip your finger in many jars. Yes! It is fun and fine to 'gain experience' while you are young and hungry to learn.

Soon I find out that staying with a small company can be emotionally draining.

Why? Simply because the director or owner who put in their own money for the company are self-pressured to perform and make money. They tend to be tempremental, demanding and sometimes I would call bipolar. Their mood swings like a pendulum. Laughing and joking one minute and the next minute they become the obnoxious of a human being.

Unlike a director of a big cooperation, they are most of the time more patient and better teacher. They communicate better too.

So here is my theory. An entrepreneur should never ever try to grow their business on their own. They need a professional coach for themselves and business consultant to guide their business to the next level. That is why VCs will lay down their rules and conditions when they give the company funds to expand.

I would love to be part of a big cooperation again. Where there are departments, annual DnD, Wellness Wednesdays, annual bonuses, off-site team building, management meeting and monthly birthday celebration. At the age of late 30s, would it still be possible?