Wednesday, 26 September 2007

NFYB - Not For Your Blog

There is a new acronym in town and it is "NFYB" which stands for Not For Your Blog.

It seems that almost everyone who is on Facebook, MySpace has their own blog. Any news you share with anyone might end up in some blog somewhere. So, to keep things in perspective and respecting privacy, adding "NFYB" in your messaging (incl emails, text message and IM) hopefully that would keep your news out of the blogsphere.

So the next time you communicate with someone, you can say "NFYB".

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Respecting Email Subjects

Whether you are forwarding jokes or forwarding work related emails to your collegues, it is always a good practice to retype the subject on the email so that the person who receive the email would be able to look or sort the email based on subject matter and would not be lost in the list to FW:...

Any forwarding emails without any descriptive of what action to be taken would rank as low priority for me. I don't have the time to read the long chains of conversational emails "bottom upwards" that has been sent back and forth. Worse is when the forwarding email comes as an attachment.

If the sender has no time to re-compose the email personalizing to me, then the email would not get my attention. I am sometimes surprised that people you work with take you for granted and expect that the emails be read.

I may sound like a mini Diva here. But that is the truth. The next time you forward an email, take the time to type in something on top of it and the least describe what you are forwarding.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Subject Matters

I received this in my inbox. A spelling error on the subject. The Promotion is missing an 'O'.
It is rare but mistakes do happen.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

First Run

My first run finally came and it was good achievement for me. As one of the success mantra says, the first step to success is showing up! I was there at 6.15am and there were already lots of ladies already there, geared up and ready to go. I did not have high expectations for the run. I wanted to finish it.

The flag-off was 7.30am and the 5km run started 5 mins after. I completed my 5km in about 40mins as shown on the timer's board as I ran in.

Not bad for a first timer and for someone who have not been running. The last time I ran 2.4km for my secondary school fitness test was 18mins so, 15years later, 40mins for 5km, I am pretty damn proud!

My running companion
I had my mp3 with me and I thought it would be nice to finish with George Michael's (6min) Freedom on my last stretch. Instead, my finished run was with Creed on Higher. Pat Benator's All Fired Up and Elvis Presly's A Little Less Conversation were among those who accompanied my run.

The Freebies
Apart from running with other ladies, for this run, it is the goodies bag. I have lots of trials and vouchers. I am listing them here. If you like them, let me know. I am giving them away. First come first get.

1. Free Dance Class by The Dance Floor at SAFRA Mount Faber valid 30Nov 2007
2. $5 Clinelle Professional Care Voucher valid till 31st December 2007
3. Gift Voucher ($68) by CitiSpa valid till 30 November 2007
4. 7 Day Pass by True Yoga valid till 31 October 2007
5. 1 Complimentary Yoga Pass by True Yoga till 31 October 2007
6. Buy 1 Get 1 Free by FreshKon Alluring Eyes valid till 7 October 2007
7. 1 Complimentary Yoga class by Pure Yoga valid till 30 September 2007
8. $200 Slimming Treatment Voucher by Marie France Bodyline valid till up to merchant
9. Guest Pass Complimentary 10 day visit by Fitness Werkz valid till 30 October 2007
10. Complimentary VIP 5 Day Membership by Fitness First valid till up to merchant

Personal Achivement
Participate in a mass run CHECKED!

I loved it. I would definately want to participate more. With the right pair of shoes and a timer watch would be sweet. :-)

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Yahoo Answers Addiction

I am trying out Yahoo! Answers and I found myself checking back all the time. And I am getting addicted to it. When I post a question, within 1 minute, I get responses. GOOD responses too.

Somehow, I feel very oblige to answer some questions myself, properly. There is also a points system where you collect every time you log-on to Yahoo! Answers and every time you answer someone else's question.

It is community regulated. So if you feel the response inappropriate, you can flag it. Like flagging uninvited commercial or marketing post.

It is fantastic!

Ask and You Shall Receive. Try it!

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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

SHAPE Run 07 Jitters

Counting down to SHAPE Run '07 - 4 days.

My stomach is turning inside out just thinking of it. Firstly, I was determined to make this marathon my first marathon and secondly, I had planned to train and keep fit for the last 3 months.

The fear and jitters started when 3 months became 4 days and I still have not had proper training. I did some jogging for 2km in the beginning of my enthusiasts but that stopped about 1 month ago. I asked questions on Yahoo! Answers and had some good answers from the patrons there. Some of the advise was, to take it as a fun run. There will be people at the back of the pack who would be making it a cool Saturday morning walk.

The SHAPE Run '07 was my choice for my inaugural marathon because SHAPE magazine is a fantastic read and I also heard of the goodies bag that comes with the sign-up. Just to play safe, I am only running for 5km. I wonder if 5km is from Orchard Road Station to City Hall? If the run is along the shopping malls stretch, I am sure it is going to be a breeze for me.

Other than that, I am prepared to enjoy the morning jog.

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Customizing your own Scent

You know how sometimes you kind of like the scent of a Jessica Parker but with a touch of Paris Hilton, or like from the of the shelves scent like The Body Shop, you try mixing perfume but could not get the right com bi for the scent you looking for?

Well, here is the expert. A featured shop from the TV show Fashion Police called The House of
Creative Scentualization caught my attention. At this shop, a
consultant will ask you questions and identify the kind of scent that
would suit your needs.

The best thing is, the shop has an online questionnaire that helps to identify the scent that suits you. After answering list of multiple choice questions, you can to order the perfume at US$45. Isn't it cool?

This business model is ingenious. Taking a speciality, personalized service and automating it. I am sure that from the online questionnaires, the accuracy of the recommendation is less than that from the expert herself. But coming from an online customer who could be from god who knows where (like from Singapore), this website is a journey to a customized scent. The new scent could be called "Lady Dayah"

The House of Creative Scentualization website link

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